GPS Fleet Monitoring

I'm waiting, where's your driver? is a customer service question that should be easy to answer, but all too often isn't. The plug-in GPS tracker gathers location and activity data, and transmits them to the Forward Thinking servers for you to monitor in real-time.

Vehicles from fleet moving on map

Visualize the Movement

The movement graph offers an easy snapshot of each vehicle's daily activity. It draws the vehicle's speeds throughout the day and highlights speeding violations, in other words, it tells you the story of today's activity. Your can zoom into any time period and it will show you where the vehicle was at that precise moment, how fast it was going, what direction it was heading, and tons more. It's good for an in-depth analysis, or simply to glance at and see if everything's okay.

screenshot of smart fleet breadcrumb trail

Smart Breadcrumb Trail

The GPS tracker updates our servers with its location every 3 minutes, every 30 degree turn, and every 6 KM travelled. This makes for an accurate, nearly live breadcrumb trail of each of your vehicles. An accurate breadcrumb trail will show you every on-ramp or off-ramp, every corner turned, and every road taken. Your driver's route will also snap-to-road so the route follows the road instead of jumping through buildings and lakes, or showing imaginary routes.

New York city lights

Road-level Speeding Alerts

Most drivers speed a little, sometimes it's okay, but it's better not take the risk. The movement graph shows speeding violations as they happen, which let's you do something about them (like messaging the driver to slow down) in real time.

Speeding alerts will notify you as soon as a driver exceeds the posted speed limit of any road, adding an extra level of scrutiny.

Speeding violations are captured and highlighted in orange on the movement graph.

Fleet Activity History

All the information gathered by your GPS tracker will remain in your hands for years. The breadcrumb trail and movement graph are not just for current vehicle activity, they're also for historical vehicle activity. Simply choose a date, and you'll have travelled back in time to see exactly what happened.

screenshot of fleet full activity

Garmin Commercial Navigation

The Garmin™ dēzl 760 is a high resolution 7” device made especially for truckers . It’s extra bright, extra loud, and comes preloaded with truck-specific route guidance. This navigator will receive dispatched stops and direct the driver to each destination via the proper roads for his specific type of vehicle.

sample image of Garmin GPS navigation

Stay on the Right Path

Most of us have seen a truck ripped open by a low underpass. If the truck driver is lucky he’ll realize the error before it causes too much damage, but even so, it’s embarrassing, and so easily preventable.

The Garmin navigator directs drivers according to their vehicle’s dimensions and weight, thereby avoiding restricted roads. If the vehicle is carrying hazardous materials the route guidance will also avoid all hazmat-prohibited roads.

The Electronic Driver Logs feature will also help drivers stay compliant with DOT regulations (FMCSA 395.15).

Learn about electronic driver logs.

Hazmat driving on highway

Forward Thinking Systems

We are a group of programmers, engineers, and designers, who love creating remarkable things. Electronic Logs, commercial navigation, automated dispatching, temperature monitoring, extensive alerting, and reporting are some of the features that have proven to be indispensable to our customers.

Technical Support


If you have questions, concerns, or issues of any kind, our support team is here for you! Call or email us, and a member of our excellent Canada-based support team will help you.