Electronic Driver Logs For Canada and USA

Maintaining a coherent driver log book is much easier with an electronic logging system. You’ll improve compliance, efficiency, and management. Forward Thinking offers several electronic logbook solutions for the Canadian and USA rulesets, all are easy to use, easy to understand, and compliant with Canadian and DOT regulations.

screenshot of electronic driver log on android device

Android App (Smartphone / Tablet)

Electronic Driver Logs are easy to use and are practically automatic, the driver just logs in and sets himself to "On Duty" and the app does the rest. It will automatically switch between Driving and On Duty based on movement.

The Forward Thinking Android App was designed with 2-click navigation, which means nothing is more than 2 clicks away. It’s easy to use and offers helpful countdown timers to let drivers know when they need to stop driving. Using this app will revolutionize the way your drivers log driving hours.

Garmin & Forward Thinking

The Garmin fleet™ 670 is an Android based navigator built to withstand the wear and tear of life in a truck. It comes with turn-by-turn commercial navigation to guide drivers using only roads suitable for their particular trucks (hazmat, bridge heights, maximum weight, etc.).

The Forward Thinking Android app uses flexible rulesets, which means that no matter which province you're in and what on-duty restrictions apply in your area, you'll be covered.

Garmin fleet™ 670 with Forward Thinking Android App for E-Logs

Driver Logs On the Web Portal

The web portal brings driver logs to life by showcasing and explaining them. Here, logs can be viewed and corrected (if the driver made a mistake) to make sure your compliance rate remains perfect.

screenshot of your electronic driver log
screenshot of a fleet electronic driver log

Making it Human-Friendly

Now you don’t have to be an expert in Hours of Service regulations to understand your drivers’ logs. Duty logs are displayed as a bar graph with unique colors for each duty status and with helpful hints and tips to explain the logs. When a driver violates his driving limits, you’ll know that he’s in violation, and more importantly, you’ll understand why he’s in violation. A remaining time slider shows the available driving time for any moment throughout the day, making it easy to understand when the violation started and how it could have been prevented.

screenshot of a fleet driver profile

Improve Driver Ratings

Bad compliance scores are a problem, but not for those who use electronic logs. The eLogBook makes sure drivers obey the rules, leaving them with amazing scores and paying less for insurance. The Driver Profile is a central area where all your driver’s Hours of Service and driving behavior is scored and detailed. You’ll learn how often he violates his driving limits, he severity of the violations, and where he needs improvement. Learn about Green Driving

Give Your Drivers a Break

Drivers shouldn't have to spend potential driving time doing math and trying to figure out when they started driving, how much longer they have left, and when they’re going to be in violation. The eLogBook does all the math and calculations automatically, leaving the driver with more time to drive.

If a driver’s compliance score is not that good, he’ll often be forced to improve it or loose his job. Such a person needs only to use the eLogBook to notice a significant improvement to his score. As a rule, drivers who use electronic driver logs have better compliance scores — and therefore, better job security.

image of a truck driver
image of man working on vehicle

Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

Drivers can use the Android App or a Garmin device to submit a DVIR each day.

Any problem noted by the driver will automatically generates a maintenance request record available on the web portal, creating a seamless link between the damaged component and the maintenance event that fixes it.

FMCSA/Canadian Compliance

Forward Thinking Systems is a worldwide provider of asset tracking and fleet management software. Our Electronic LogBook solution, used properly, meets all requirements specified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) 395.15 and Canadian regulations.

Technical Support


If you have questions, concerns, or issues of any kind, our support team is here for you! Call or email us, and a member of our excellent Canada-based support team will help you.