Promote Green Driving Habits

Let’s face it, some drivers are better than others. Those who idle are wasting a scary amount of fuel, those who accelerate or decelerate harshly are destroying their vehicles, and those who drive extremely fast aren’t doing their vehicle any favors either.

Why You’re Probably Wasting Fuel

Idling is inevitable, but it’s extremely expensive. Depending on the vehicle type, running the engine at a standstill can burn as much as 3.7 liters of gas per hour.

When a vehicle drives faster than 80 KPH it burns fuel more quickly, the faster you go, the more fuel you waste per KM.

Flooring it or stopping short also hurts your vehicle’s fuel use (not to mention it’s health).

If you reduce daily idling by 15 minutes, slow down high speed driving by 8 KPH, and cut harsh start/stop events by 10%, you can save as much as 33% in KPG.

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Green Driving Alerts

screenshot of a green driving report

Green Driving Summary Report

This report (in Excel, Word, or PDF formats) will show you a fleet-wide analysis of performance scores and negative driving incidents, to easily compare drivers to each other. It will expose the best driver in your fleet, the worst, and everyone in between.

Performance Score

We measure various aspects of the driver’s behavior to create a performance score on a scale of 0 - 10. The scoring take into account speeding, idling, harsh braking, harsh accelerating, and distance travelled, to to create a fair performance score across the fleet.

Learn more about other reports.

screenshot of a driver profile

Driver Profile & Score Card

The driver profile is the central location where all the driver’s info is displayed; performance score and analysis, electronic driver logs, manager’s notes, contact info, home address etc.

Performance Trend

The performance trend tells you whether a driver is improving his driving habits or not. It displays the driver’s performance score throughout the past 90 days to help you see trending changes in behavior.

Forward Thinking Systems

We are a group of programmers, engineers, and designers, who love creating remarkable things. Electronic Logs, commercial navigation, automated dispatching, temperature monitoring, extensive alerting, and reporting are some of the features that have proven to be indispensable to our customers.

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