Simple Vehicle Dispatching

When it comes to dispatching, simplicity is key. We focus on sending stops to vehicles with a minimum number of clicks and almost no typing. Dispatch software is often overburdened with useless distractions and confusing interfaces; we think it's time for a change.

screenshot of your dispatch insights report

Smart Dispatching Insights

Selecting the right vehicle is easy because the vehicle selection list includes tons of relevant information about the vehicles’ potential readiness to be dispatched. We show proximity to the destination, scheduled and completed stops, Hours of Service status, remaining driving time, and more, to help you make an informed selection.

screenshot of the fleet management stop panel

Real-Time Stop Status

The “Scheduled Stops” panel displays all the stops for a vehicle along with their current status and ETA. Throughout its life, a stop will go from “Received” to “Viewed by Driver” to “En-route” to “Completed”, and all are updated in real time. This panel is invaluable for customer service.

Garmin Navigator

Stops dispatched to a Garmin will automatically show up on the driver’s navigator, and will let him navigate to the destination with one touch. The web portal will display the latest status of each stop as it progresses (Received, Viewed by Driver, En-route, and Completed).

Android App for Drivers

The Forward Thinking Android app has built-in electronic driver logs, messaging, DVIR, and of course scheduled stops. Stops appear on the Android tablet as soon as they’ve been dispatched, and drivers can then navigate to each destination with a single press of a button.

sample of reading using dispatch on mobile devices

Web Services & Integration

Bring your automation to the next level by integrating your backend systems into FTSGPS. We have several methods for pushing and pulling route information, stop information, and vehicle information. These include Web Services, FTP, and Secure FTP. Please reach out to our integrations department to guide you through the process.

Alerts for Dispatching

You can be notified via SMS or email whenever a vehicle arrives at or departs from a saved location or geographic area. Each alert lets you choose which vehicles to include, and you can create as many alerts as you want. See more alerts

Dispatch to Email

Using the dispatch to email feature is a quick way to shoot out a stop to a driver. The driver can then respond with status updates or click on a link to see the location on a map. It is quick easy and will work with nearly any phone that can receive emails.

Mark Your Locations

Over time, the map will become better by knowing your preferred locations and areas. Marking locations and geographic areas now, will enhance the map for later. It will also prove invaluable for alerting, reporting, and dispatching.

Geofence on map

Saved Locations

Save and label frequently used locations for quick dispatching, and to receive notifications when your vehicles arrive at or depart from these locations. Each location’s geofence can be customized by drawing a circular perimeter or a free form shape.

screenshot of geographic areas for your fleet

Geographic Areas

Geographic areas are a simple way to mark places that don’t necessarily have a fixed address, like construction sites, parking lots, cities, or states. Creating a geofence for geographic areas will let run reports and setup alerts for these areas.

Forward Thinking Systems

We are a group of programmers, engineers, and designers, who love creating remarkable things. Electronic Logs, commercial navigation, automated dispatching, temperature monitoring, extensive alerting, and reporting are some of the features that have proven to be indispensable to our customers.

Technical Support


If you have questions, concerns, or issues of any kind, our support team is here for you! Call or email us, and a member of our excellent Canada-based support team will help you.