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Forward Thinking GPS will take your fleet to the next level by gathering all vehicle and driver activity, and presenting it to you in a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You’ll cut costs, improve customer service, and most importantly, enjoy the process.

Real-Time Fleet GPS Tracking

Current location information, easy dispatching, and other insights are incredible features that pay for themselves quickly. The cliché information is power is tiresome and overused for a reason — it's true.

Smart Breadcrumb Trail

Smart Breadcrumb Trail

The FTS BlackBox is a powerful GPS tracker that records your vehicle's location and displays a rich breadcrumb trail on the web portal. Click on any point on the trail to see the status and activity of that vehicle at that exact moment.

Vehicle Movement & Activity Graph

Visualize Vehicle Activity

Take a look at the movement and speed of a vehicle with the interactive movement graph. It tells the story of today's activity. Everything from engine on/off to speeding violations and location history.

Driver Behavior & Green Driving

Let's face it, some drivers are better than others. Those who idle are wasting a scary amount of fuel, those who accelerate or decelerate harshly are destroying their vehicles, and those who drive extremely fast aren't doing their vehicle any favors either.

Driver Behavior / Green Driving

Driver Performance Quality

Driving behavior and performance should not stay hidden. Great drivers should be rewarded and bad ones should be encouraged to improve their performance. By exposing driver behavior and green driving patterns you can improve your fleet and add real hard dollars to the bottom line.

Forward Thinking measures your drivers' performances and grades them fairly according to their patterns of behavior. Using this system will open your eyes to problematic drivers and help you maintain the high standard you already strive for. Learn more

accessing your garmin on your laptop

Electronic LogBook

The standard paper log book served us well for decades, but it wasn't easy. We had to sit and calculate and draw and write, and nobody enjoyed it.

Today, we can finally say goodbye to that frustrating book and enjoy the simplicity of good technology. Electronic Driver Logs are easy to use and are practically automatic. They do all the calculating for you, prevent user errors, improve CSA scores, and help you save money by saving time. Learn more

Simplify Your Dispatching

Stops are dispatched from the web portal to the driver's device where he'll be guided with turn-by-turn directions to the proper destination. Two-way communication between driver and dispatcher eliminates miscommunication and pointless delays.

screenshot of your dispatch insights report

Choosing the Right Vehicle

Whatever your method of choosing vehicles, the vehicle selection insights will help. It helps you select the best driver for the job by showing his current workload, available driving time (for Hours of Service drivers), and current distance from the destination.

Geofence on map

Convenient Destinations

Bookmark your customers and frequently visited locations for easy dispatching. Marking these areas lets you create arrival / departure alerts and helps you dispatch quickly with little to no typing.

Activity Alerts & Notifications

Manage by exception. Although micromanaging your drivers has its benefits, the ability to let them be and take action when something goes wrong, is a far better approach. These alerts are triggered by important events, and sent to you via email or SMS:

Intelligent Fleet Reports

Now that you're generating lots of useful data about your operations, you'll need a way to organize it and put it to good use. This is why you'll enjoy the great selection of reports available to you:

Plug-in Installation

The GPS tracker connects to your vehicle's diagnostic port. It's very quick and very simple.

Every modern vehicle has one of these ports, and although manufacturers use a few different standards (OBD2, jBus J1939 & J1708), all of them work with the tracking devices.

There are situations in which you may want a hardwired installation, that too, is relatively simple.

easy gps plug-in installation to monitor your fleet

Forward Thinking Systems

We are a group of programmers, engineers, and designers, who love creating remarkable things. Electronic Logs, commercial navigation, automated dispatching, temperature monitoring, extensive alerting, and reporting are some of the features that have proven to be indispensable to our customers.

Technical Support


If you have questions, concerns, or issues of any kind, our support team is here for you! Call or email us, and a member of our excellent Canada-based support team will help you.